In the current teaching of tango, a strong focus is put on learning new figures, but rarely on applying these in a musical context and during a ball. We also put a strong emphasis on the walk (caminata), as this forms the basis of the dance and all its steps and figures. An in-depth practice of the walk allows for a much quicker learning of more complex structures and figures.


The practice sessions are divided into three parts: warming up, individual walking and some tangos with your partner; introduction and practice of a new step or figure; applying the structure in a musical sense and its integration into your floorcraft. We will often also spend some time on the musicality of a specific tango, understanding its structure and its rhythmical and musical notions.

We recommend coming with a partner, but this is not obligatory. However, if you’re coming unaccompanied, please tell us in advance.


Private classes are possible, be it alone or with a partner. These dedicated moments allow you to develop a truly personal tango or also to get over any technical or musical obstacles.


Every Friday from 6th September to 13th December 2019 from 7:30pm to 9pm.


  1. Contact for inscriptions and infos :

  2.    Email : ClubTango@me.com

  3.    Tel : 0497 037 033 (Isabelle - FR / NL / ES) or 0486 708 230 (Gwenn - FR / EN) or

  4.           0498 991 521 (Jürgen - DE / EN / FR)

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