To start this new season, our club has worked out a new and unique formula: THE COACHED PRACTICE.

We’ll start with our first session on Friday 13th January 2017.




In the current teaching of tango, a strong focus is put on learning new figures, but not on practicing and refining these.

Our coached practice is a mix between a class (new elements) and a personalised practice session (practicing and corrections). The idea is to offer every person / couple a dedicated time with us to work on specific topics (refining figures, details of your walk, aspects of leading etc.), while respecting your level, your needs or wishes and of course your speed of progression!

We are really reviving here the spirit of a “classic” practica guiada, in the sense that we’ll do everything to give you a feedback on your dance and also to provide suggestions for improving your tango.


The practice sessions are divided into three parts: warming up and individual walking; half an hour of free practice (a time for us to watch you dance and see how you’re doing :-) ) ; and finally 1h30 of guided practice where we spend at least 15 minutes with each couple.

Of course, should there be a collective demand to review a figure or to take up a specific topic, we can always include a session in the form of a class.

We recommend coming with a partner, but this is not obligatory. However, if you’re coming unaccompanied, please tell us in advance.


Private classes are possible, be it alone or with a partner. These dedicated moments allow you to develop a truly personal tango or also to get over any technical or musical obstacles.


Every Friday from 13th January to 30th June 2017 from 20h30 to 21h30.

No session on Friday 3rd February (weekend with A&A Costa in Liège), the 3rd March (Carnival holidays), the 7th and 14th April (Easter holidays) and Friday 26th May (day after Ascension, long weekend).


  1. Contact for inscriptions and infos :

  2.    Email : ClubTango@me.com

  3.    Tel : 0497 037 033 (Isabelle - FR / NL / ES) or 0486 708 230 (Gwenn - FR / EN) or

  4.           0498 991 521 (Jürgen - DE / EN / FR)

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