The Tango Social Club Villa Urquiza de Bruxelles asbl, was created in May 2012 in Bruxelles, and continues the work of the Escuela de Tango de Salón con estilo Villa Urquiza de Bruxelles, created in November 2008 by Olivier and Isabelle. This change in name reflects the idea that tango is first and foremost a social dance.


Workshop with A & A Costa April 2013

The Tango Social Club, that’s:

  1. You, curious to getting to know Argentine tango, participating in our practicas and milongas. It is important for us that there is an actual exchange between club members and we encourage our students  to dance with all others, not only their own partner.

  1. the three founding members: Isabelle (more than 20 years of tango) giving the classes and continuously following an advanced training given by Amanda & Adrian Costa and Jorge & Marita Dispari; Gwenn and Jürgen, who participate in giving the classes and who follow the same training programme with the above mentioned maestros.

The club’s mission is:

  1. allowing a large number of people to discover and practice traditional Argentine Tango as it is danced in local milongas in Buenos Aires,

  2. to offer moments of conviviality and fun for its members.

The club largely participates in training programmes of the maestros Amanda and Adrian COSTA.at other European tango schools.

The teaching is inspired to a major extent by the maestros

Jorge Dispari and Maria del Carmen “La Turca”