Jorge Dispari &
Marita del carmen ‘La Turca’

Jorge Dispari et Maria Del Carmen "La Turca" are amongst the rare teachers of the Villa Urquiza style, characterised by its elegant walk, posture, the embrace and a subtle and sensitive musicality.

Jorge is the uncontested  master of enrosques, lapices and agujas. He is particularly known for his caminata.

They have learned from the great creators of the Villa Urquiza style : Gerardo Portalea, "El Turco" Jose, "Milonguita", Carlos Estevez "Petroleo", "Cachito" Montegaza, "Finito", Jose Lampazo and Alberto Villarrazo.

Before being the partner of Carlos Estevez "Petroleo", Maria won at the age of 8 her first tango championship with her father Hector Rea.  She is the niece of Gerardo Portalea.

As teachers they’re specifically known for their ability to develop elegance and style in dancers of all levels. They have been teaching many of today’s great talents, starting with their own daughters,  Geraldine Rojas and Samantha Dispari, and also Javier Rodriguez, Amanda et Adrian Costa or Andres Laza Moreno to name just a few.

You can contact them directly : jorgeylaturca@hotmail.com.

Amanda et Adrian Costa are part of a new generation of Tango de Salón dancers of world-wide reputation who went back to the sources of traditional tango, notably by working with Jorge Dispari and Maria Del Carmen "La Turca".

They captured the essence of this tango and integrated the heritage and foundations of Tango de Salón with their own, modern vision, based on mutual respect, sharing and expressing emotions through their dance, resulting in a genuine fusion of two bodies.

Their musical interpretation, their elegance and their precision make them one the best couples of out times. Moreover, they’re outstanding teachers!

You can contact them directly: costango@gmail.com

Adrian & Amanda Costa